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Striped Bass

One of the most popular saltwater game fish. They can be found along Rhode Island shores particularly in rocky areas, rips, estuaries, salt ponds and rivers. Some of the methods we use to catch these fish are determined by the weather, time of day, and tackle used. Typically during daylight hours we troll 2 rods with wire lines. We'll use either umbrella rigs or tubes. Another option we use is jigging 2 rods with a parachute lure. When the fish are down deep, we'll put our down riggers into action. This is a great tool to get the lure deep where the fish are. For the following methods everyone in the group tends a rod. If live bait is what you prefer, then we suggest drift fishing with eels. The best time for this kind of fishing is in the evenings. Also we anchor up and use chum to attract the fish to the boat. The bait of choice for this trip would be herring or bunker chunks. If light tackle is more your style then try diamond jigging. It's a weighted silver lure which is dropped to the bottom and is brought back up to the surface quickly. This is a sure way to drive those fish crazy. When the fish are busting the surface, the spinning gear is brought out. We use anything from plugs or poppers to swimmers and bucktail jigs. For the experience saltwater fly fisherman, this is one of the toughest inshore species to catch. We use flies tied in various patterns to mimic the bait fish migration. Fly lines from floating to fast sinking are used where appropriate.
You have a choice of a full day, half day, midday and evening trip. Departure times will depend on the type of trip you choose. We fish Rhode Island's shoreline to the rips of Block Island and Montauk. Travel time is usually 20 to 40 minutes. The limit is 1 fish per person with a slot of 28”-33”.


A very strong and aggressive fighting fish. One of the very few fish that can see out of the water and will bite your hand with it's sharp teeth and strong jaws.

They are found in the same places as Striped Bass and are caught using the same techniques. Bluefish are a faster fish and will sometimes get to your bait or lure before a Striped Bass will. The limit is 5 fish per person.

 Tautog (Blackfish)

 A fish found feeding near the bottom of the ocean. They can be found near shore but prefer rocky areas, piers or ship wrecks.  

 We usually anchor over such structure and fish with a 1 hook rig baited with green crab. Tautog are a challenge to hook. They can suck in your offering eat all the meat and expel the shells before you ever realize you had a hit. I always say you have to set the hook before you feel them. Once you get the feel the tug of war begins, they are a strong fighter wanting to stay on the bottom. Best times to fish for them is mid October  to December 15. The limit is 5 fish per person at 16". Most fish are in the 5-10 lb. range. Tautog is probably one of the best tasting fish you ever had the pleasure to pursue.   

Sea-Bass & Scup

They can both be found in the same areas as the Tautog usually showing up in June with bigger fish coming in as the season progresses. Fishing for them requires a 2 hook rig baited with clam or squid. This is a great fishery for young children with the fish being aggressive feeders they are somewhat easy to hook. We mostly fish for them as part of a combo trip with stripers although you can also fish for them all day if you like. Call for season and Charter Boat bag limits.


 Fluke (Summer Flounder)

 Fluke is similar to winter flounder, the differences are fluke have small sharp teeth and are bigger in size. When fishing for fluke we use a 2 hook rig baited with squid strips and smelt. Fluke are aggressive feeders waiting on the bottom in ambush to attack your offering as it drifts along. This again is great for children. We tend to fish sandy locations in 20-50 feet of water. This is also a great combo fishery when striper fishing we would save the afternoon for fluking. Once again you can book a half or 6 or 8 hr. fluke trip. They can be found mid May thru September.  Call for season and Charter Boat bag limits.

Sharks Blue, Mako and Thresher sharks are most common with the Mako and Thresher being the best table fare. They can be found 18-30 miles offshore starting in June and staying around into October. On our way out sharking we typically stop and troll up some fresh bluefish for bait. When on the grounds a chum slick is created with a frozen bucket of mackerel hanging over the side. As this thaws as we drift along particles float away attracting the sharks. Three rods are then baited and set at various depths. If we picked our spot right it won't take long for your first battle. These can also be caught on a fly rod using our own chum flies. This is mostly sight fishing, cast in front of a cruising shark and hold on for the time of your life.

Limit 1 Mako 71” for male , 83” female fork length, or Thresher  54" fork length.

Tuna tend to show up mid July and run into October. Normally July and August we troll 7 rods using various artificial's with multiple hookups common. Offshore 30-50 miles you can expect to catch Yellowfin, Albacore, Skipjack, Mahi Mahi and the occasional White Marlin. Closer to the dock 15-30 miles you can catch Bluefin, Bonito, False Albacore and Skipjack Tuna. At some point in September the Tuna tend to take up residence in a particular area so our tactics change to chunking with bait and diamond jigging. This is allot of fun you can now bring out the Light tackle 10-20 lb. spinning gear and the 10-12 wt. fly rods to do battle with these torpedos. Most fish average 8-50 lbs. and on light tackle it can't be beat. All Tuna within daily limits belong to the party.

Cod are caught year round weather permitting, bag limits 21” with a 5 fish bag limit. Fillets of clean cod must measure 14” in length and each fillet shall have at least a 2” square of skin left intact for fish identification.

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Reviewed August 16, 2015