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BLOCK ISLAND SOUND IS OUR PLAYGROUND.  The World Class fishing of Block Island is just a 30 minute run from our dock.  Block is one of the few spots on Earth where striper anglers can surpass the elusive 50-pound mark, then go on to catch a variety of delicious bottom fish, all in a single day!  From the rips of the North Reef, to the jagged edges and giant boulders of the Southwest Ledge, Captain Kelly Smith has spent his life studying the tides, currents, and species of these abundant waters, ensuring the fishing experience of a lifetime for you.

We love to shoot pictures & video of our clients having a great day on the water. For some, its their first big fish or saltwater fish. And for others, it may be their first time on the ocean. Have a look at the clips below for a glimpse of the action you’ll experience aboard C-Devil II.  Come aboard and smile… your crew may be featured next!

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C-Devil II Striped Bass



“As good as it gets (and maybe a bit better) ….”

Reviewed September 25, 2015

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